BEFORE: Before getting some henna done, think that you will not be able to cover your “hennaed” skin for a while, so do it when you know that you will have free time and enjoy the journey. If you apply henna on your fingertips, forget also about using your phone for some time…

If you want to apply henna on your arms, legs or any part with body hair, I highly recommend to wax the day before the appointment, if not, the henna paste will not stick on the skin properly.

Be sure that your skin is super clean and free of oils, creams… etc

AFTER: The paste will be completely dry in about half an hour, be sure to stay away from clothing and hair while it’s drying.

In order to get a dark stain, you should keep the paste on the skin for the next 8 to 12 hours. After that, remove the paste peeling it off.

DO NOT use water to remove the paste. After the paste is removed, apply coconut oil to your skin. During the next 48 hours the mehndi will oxidize and it will get darker so try to avoid contact with water as much as possible.